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You can create two types of small groups — parent groups and bottom-level groups.

  • Parent groups are those groups that member Member users cannot join Parent groups. They provide the structure for your small groups. They display as bold text on the Create Group Table page.

  • Member users can join Bottom-level groups are those These groups that appear in small group searches and that member users can join.

You can create up to five levels in your small groups structure. You do not have to completely set up each small group. After you create the small group structure and add leaders to the group rosters, the small group leaders can enter group information and add individuals to the groups.


titleTo add a bottom-level group
  1. Point to Admin, then click Group Setup.
  2. Click Small Groups.
  3. In the small groups hierarchy, select the parent group and click Add.
  4. On the Create Small Group page, enter the Group Name.
  5. Select Allow members to join this group.
  6. Click Submit. The Create Group Table page displays. The group is added to the group structure.

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