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If you want to add or remove someone as an administrator or add an additional bank account to your Vanco Merchant Account, this is how to update your merchant account information and manage your accounts.

Add or Remove Additional Contacts

Use the Account Request form to add or remove more people as administrative contacts for your Vanco Merchant Account.


titleTo add an additional contact
  1. Download the Service Center Access Request Form by clicking on the link above.
  2. Submit a completed form to Vanco.

Modify Bank Accounts

Use the Bank Account Update Request form to modify accounts.The Merchant Account Update Form lets you update your organization's

  • Bank accounts
  • Legal name, DBA name, or Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Primary and administrative contacts

You can complete and submit this form online. 

Merchant Account Update Form (US)

Merchant Account Update Form (Canada)

Manage Deposit Accounts

To make reconciling deposits easier, assign different accounts for online giving and event registration. When you use two accounts, your online contributions batch separately from your event payments. You can post these batches to the same physical bank account or separate bank accounts. If you only see one account, contact Vanco Client Services at 800-675-7430 to enable a second account.


If you want to accept gifts from addresses outside the US and Canada, e-mail Vanco will set a flag to allow you to enter international billing addresses.


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