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The roster displays phone numbers for the small group participants. If a phone number is marked as unlisted, Unl will display beside the number in the roster. 

Users with a D beside their name are inactive.

titleTo view a small group roster
  1. Point to Groups, then click Small Groups.
  2. Select the Master level group, then locate the specific small group.
  3. Click the name of the group you want.
    • The small group summary displays underneath the small group name.
    • If the small group has a photo uploaded, it displays on the right side of the page.
    • The total number of participants for small group displays beside the word Roster on the page. If the small group has a limit on the number of members who can join, the wording displays as <num> of <num> max participants.
    • To custom sort the names in the list, click . Select to sort and display by First Name or # Last Name. Click OK.
    • To sort the roster, click a column heading.
    • To print the group information and roster, in the uppermost drop-down list, click I want to, click Copy Group, then click Go.
titleUseful Information
Users with a D beside their name are inactive
    • .
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