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Except for the Key Phrases group, you can only associate one category item from a category group with each small group. With the Key Phrases group, you can associate multiple category items with each small group. You cannot rename the Key Phrases category group.

You must set up the category items before they can be assigned to groups. For more information on assigning category items to groups, see Entering Small Group Details.


Useful Information
titleTo rename a category group
  1. Point to Admin, then click Group Setup.
  2. Click Small Groups.
  3. Click the Categories tab.
  4. On the Categories page, click the category group tab.
  5. At the top of the Categories page, click Change Category Name.
  6. Enter the new category group name and click Save.

You cannot rename the Key Phrases category group.

Fd panel
titleDefault Category Groups

Life Stages Create category items that describe stages in life, such as youth, 20s, or senior citizens.

Accessibility  Create – Create category items that describe accessibility options, such as wheelchair, vision-impaired, or hearing-impaired.

Marital Status  Create – Create category items that describe marital status, such as single, married, or divorced.

Parenting  Create – Create category items that describe parenting, such as infants, teens, or college-age.

Key Phrases – Create custom category items to describe your small groups.