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After adding your groups to the small groups structure, you must designate leaders for each group. When a member requests to join a small group, the small group leader is assigned that connection. Members cannot request to join small groups that do not have leaders.


titleTo add a leader to a bottom-level group
  1. Point to Admin, then click Group Setup.
  2. Click Small Groups.
  3. Beside the bottom-level group name, click Add Leader.
  4. On the Add Member page, enter search criteria in the Last Name and First Name fields.
  5. Click Run Search.
  6. Select the member you want to add as the leader.

Dropping or Deleting Group Leaders

At some point, you may have to drop or delete a group leader, so it’s important


to understand the difference between dropping and deleting



  • Drop a leader if you want to retain the history of the individual once they begin to serve as leader of the group. Drop them if they served any time as small group leader.
  • Delete a leader if you want to remove the record from the Small Group roster. Only delete leaders if you have incorrectly added them to the group roster.

To drop or delete a group leader, in the Small Groups structure tree, click Drop or Delete Leader.


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