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titleTo download and install SpeedCheck
  1. Before installing SpeedCheck, exit your program.
  2. Click
    Action Button
    textSpeedCheck Epson Install
    titleEpson Install
    Action Button
    textSpeedCheck SmartSource Install
    titleSmartSource Install
    depending on the scanner you purchased.
  3. Click Save File.
  4. If using Windows 7 or Vista, right-click on the .exe, select Run as Administrator, and follow the on-screen download instructions. If using another version of Windows, double-click the .exe file for SpeedCheck, then follow the on-screen download instructions
  5. When finished, plug the USB cable from the scanner into the computer, then turn the scanner on. The computer should search and find the new scanner.

The install adds an icon to your desktop, which lets you scan a batch of checks without opening your contributor software. If you use OnDemand, you must use this icon to scan checks. Desktop users can use the icon on the desktop or scan checks in your software.