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titleOnDemand Customers

If you use OnDemand, click here for view information on setting exclusions in your anti-virus software.

If you are using anti-virus software, set up an exclusion or an exception within your anti-virus software for the following folders:

  • ACSNET - located on your network drive
  • WINACS - located on your C drive
  • ACS Technologies - located in C:\ProgramData
titleHidden Files

 If any of these folders do not display, they may be hidden files.

titleTo show hidden files on Windows® 8
  1. In the File Explorer window, click View.
  2. Select the Hidden Items check box. The hidden folders will display.

View menu

titleTo show hidden folders on a Windows® 7
  1. In the Windows Explorer window, click Organize.
  2. Click Folder and search options. The Folder Options window opens.
  3. Click the View tab. Under Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives. The hidden folders will display.
    Folder Options window

You should also set up an exclusion or an exception for the following programs, all located in C:\WINACS:

  • acspe.exe
  • acsfin.exe
  • awupdater.exe
  • awback32.exe

Sometimes anti-virus software incorrectly flags a trusted file as a harmful file. Since this may occur with these files and folders, setting up an exclusion or an exception prevents your anti-virus software from taking action against them.