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  • When congregants scheduled recurring gifts, the First Payment on the thank you message displayed the date the recurrence was set up, rather than the first gift's transaction date. DM-12931
  • Congregants were able to split transactions to the same fund and online giving memos were duplicated. DM-12965
  • Some recurring gifts processed twice or did not display in Access ACS or on the Recurring Gifts Report. DM-12978, 12987
  • When updating Fund Deposit Accounts, not all past recurrences updated to the new deposit account. DM-12985
  • When congregants set up future, one-time gifts, the Recurring Payment Setup email displayed "Occurs every day on Gift Date" rather than "This gift was a future gift scheduled for Gift Date". DM-12989
  • The Manage Scheduled Giving authorization form did not reflect the option to cancel a gift. DM-12991
  • When registering named guests and selling supplies, the supply quantity field did not save the registrant's information. DM-1206813068
  • Security settings for Lay Leaders viewing outreach connection history did not work correctly. DM-13029
  • Staff users could not view contact information in online directories. DM-13036
  • When viewing the family directory with pictures, families with some member statuses did not display. DM-13107
  • When registering for an event, some registrants received an error saying that First and Last Name were required, even after entering them. DM-12916