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The class and activity names that you use in your ACS People records are often unfamiliar to church members. If you display these group names in Access ACS, users often cannot distinguish between the groups.

Access ACS lets administrators with appropriate rights create recognizable names using the Group Naming feature. Access ACS group names apply to your ACS People records, and you can also add new groups.


titleTo add a group


  • Enter a Description.
  • Select Set Expiration Date. If you select this option, you must click Image Removed and select the expiration date from the calendar.
  • Enter the name of the contact person for the activity in the Contact Name field.
  • Enter the Contact E-mail.
  • Select Do not Display if you do not want the new group to display.


If you need to delete activity or class groups in Access ACS, you can do that here. 

titleTo delete a group
  1. Point to Admin, then click Group Setup.
  2. To delete a class, click Group Naming for Classes. To delete an activity, click Group Naming for Activities.
  3. Click Delete beside the group you want to delete.