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If any of the selected individuals do not have e-mail addresses, their names display on the Compose Message page in the People without e-mail addresses section.  The number of individuals that have e-mail addresses displays at the top of the page. To view the specific e-mail addresses, click People with e-mail addresses


To send a group e-mail

  1. Point to Groups, then click My Groups.
  2. In the I want to drop-down list beside the activity, group, or class you want to e-mail, select Send a Message
  3. Click Go.
  4. To change the Reply-To e-mail address, click change, enter a new e-mail address and click update. By default,


  1. your preferred e-mail address displays as the Reply-to e-mail address. 

  2. Enter other e-mail addresses in the Additional e-mail addresses field. These e-mail addresses also receive e-mail responses in addition to the Reply-to e-mail. Separate e-mail addresses with a comma. For example,,



  2. Enter a Subject and message. Use the toolbar to format your message.

  3. Once you are satisfied with your message, click Send Message

After sending a message, the Message Results page displays. On this page the total number of people who received your message displays along with the individuals who did not.

The individuals without e-mail addresses display in the bottom half of the page. To e-mail yourself the list of individuals without e-mail addresses, click E-mail This Info To Me. To print mailing labels for the individuals, click Print Labels.

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