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With Access ACS, you can build, maintain, and track small group involvement. Before you work with small groups, you must set them up correctly. 

Adding Positions

Adding positions is the first step of small group setup. Positions are classify individuals (co-leader, participant, guest) in a small group roster. 

titleTo add a new small group position
  1. Point to Admin, and click Group Setup.
  2. Click Small Groups
  3. Click the Positions tab, then click Add.
  4. Enter a name and description for the new position.
  5. If the position is available for small group rosters, select Small Groups. If it is a small group leader position, select Small Group Leader.
  6. Select any qualifications and attributes that apply to the position.
  7. Click Save.

Adding Categories

After you add positions, you can add categories. Small Group categories describe your small groups and are searchable.

 You can create Key Phrases to associate with your groups and associate multiple category items with each small group.  Members and attendees can search on Key Phrases to find groups that are of interest to them.You can only associate one category item with each small group, and you must set up category items before assigning them to groups.

titleTo add a category
  1. Point to Admin, and click Group Setup.
  2. Click Small Groups, then click the Categories tab.
  3. To change a category tab description, click Change Category Name.
  4. In the Add New Item field, enter any new search items and click Save.

Adding Master Groups

Before entering your small groups, sketch out your structure. You can always rearrange it as you fine-tune your small groups.


On the Small Groups Setup page, administrators and staff members with appropriate rights can set up the small groups structure.

You can create two types of small groups — parent groups and bottom-level groups.

  • Parent groups are those groups that member users cannot join. They provide the structure for your small groups. They display as bold text on the Create Group Table page.
  • Bottom-level groups are those groups that appear in small group searches and that member users can join.

You can create up to five levels in your small groups structure. You do not have to completely set up each small group. After you create the small group structure and add leaders to the group rosters, the small group leaders can enter group information and add individuals to the groups.

Before you set up your small groups, only the instructions display on the Create Group Table page. To add your first group, click Add on the Create Group Table heading bar.

titleTo add a master parent-level group
  1. Point to to Admin, and click then click Group Setup.
  2. Click Click Small Groups.
  3. Select the coach, ministry area, or ministry division that the new group is under. For a new division, don’t select anything.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Enter the Group Name.
  6. If you are creating a small group roster, select Allow member to be added to this group. Do not select this if you are creating at the area leader or area coach level.
  7. Click Submit.

Adding Small Group Leaders


  1. If you do not want to create the group on the highest level, select a parent group, then click Add.
  2. On the Create Small Group page, enter the Group Name.
  3. Click Submit. The Create Group Table page displays. The group is added to the group structure.
titleTo assign add a group leader
  1. In the Small Groups structure tree, click Add Leader.
  2. In the What Position are you adding for drop-down list, select the leadership position.
  3. Enter the first few letters of the first and last names, then click Run Search.
  4. Click Select next to the leader’s name, then click Add to Roster.
  5. Enter the date to add the person to the roster, or click Yes to accept the default date.
titleDropping or Deleting Group Leaders

At some point, you may have to drop or delete a group leader, so it’s important for her to understand the difference between deleting and dropping.

  • Drop a leader if you want to retain the history of the individual once they begin to serve as leader of the group. Drop them if they served any time as small group leader.
  • Delete a leader if you want to remove the record from the Small Group roster. Only delete leaders if you have incorrectly added them to the group roster.

To drop or delete a group leader, in the Small Groups structure tree, click Drop or Delete Leader.



Group Setup

Group Naming for Activities and Classes


bottom-level group
  1. Point to Admin, then click Group Setup.
  2. Click Small Groups.
  3. In the small groups hierarchy, select the parent group and click Add.
  4. On the Create Small Group page, enter the Group Name.
  5. Select Allow members to join this group.
  6. Click Submit. The Create Group Table page displays. The group is added to the group structure.