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The lists below outline the steps to set up Access ACS. As an administrator, you must complete all the steps in the following order.


Before You Begin

Before you begin setting up Access ACS, install the Microsoft .NET runtime and ActiveX controls, then sign in to Access ACS.

Fd panel

Sign up for Access ACS.

Set up your .Net and ActiveX controls.

Sign in to Access ACS.

Setting Up Global Preferences

Next, it's time to set up global preferences, such as personal and community calendars, if you want to use them. You can also set up the administrator e-mail address, which receives e-mails when users within your organization report problems. Next, set up your online directory preferences, including the information that displays in online directories.

Fd panel

Select your calendar preference.

Assign the administrator e-mail address.

Select your default Online Directory and Member Search Preferences.

Setting Up Your System

Now, you can set up leadership positions, user profiles and users, group names, groups, small groups, and small group categories. You can also set up calendar locations and types, if you are using the built-in Access ACS calendar.