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Occasionally, you may want to discount a rate for a student or employee. For example, you may offer a second child discount for families or an employee discount. In these cases, you don't have to re-create the billing code. Instead, you can copy and rename a billing code and add a discount rate.


When entering dollar amounts, enter an amount without entering a decimal point. The decimal point will auto-fill after the amount. For example, if you enter “1,” the display amount is $1.00. If you enter “100,” the display amount is $100.00.

 To create a billing code for a discount rate
  1. On the Home screen, click Define List. The Define List dialog box displays.
  2. In the Available Fields list, expand Billing, and click Billing Codes.
  3. Select the original billing code (the one you want to base a discount rate on) and click New Discount. The Billing Code dialog box displays.

    Useful Information

    This step automatically adds a “-D” to the code and “Discounted” to the description. You can edit these fields, if necessary.

  4. Enter the Discount Amount. If you need to calculate the dollar amount based on a percentage, click . Enter a percentage, such as “5,” and click OK.

    Useful Information

     HeadMaster will calculate the dollar amount and enter it in the discount field for you. The Amount field displays the Regular Amount less the Discount Amount. This field cannot be edited.

  5. Click OK.

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