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When you purchase the Zenius or one of the Primacy ID card printers, you also receive the eMedia - Cards CS software.

You can insert images, backgrounds, and barcodes on your cards, and you can import the names of your members from ACS People.

To create the file with the members' names, you can use the Advanced Export option. You can create an advanced export using many different criteria, including member status, family position, age, and attendance class. For example, you can create an advanced export for all children enrolled in Sunday School classes.

 To install the eMedia - Cards CS software
  1. Insert the CD that came with your printer.
  2. Select Install eMedia CS trial.
  3. Click OK for English, then click Next.
  4. Accept the terms of agreement, then click Next for the following two prompts.
  5. To place icons on the desktop, select all check boxes and click Next.
  6. Click Install, then click Finish.


If Microsoft .Net 4.0 is not installed, a message asks you to download and install it. After you download and install Microsoft .Net 4.0, reboot your computer and restart the CD.

Sample ID card for a teacher:

Sample ID card for a student: