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The Graphs option offers powerful statistical analysis and graphing capability for data in the People module. This data can be useful in making administrative decisions, including:

  • What type of programs to develop to boost membership. For example, if you create a graph of members by age and see that a particular age group has a disproportionately small membership, you might decide to create programs that help build membership in that age group.
  • What type of advertising to continue using and what type to discontinue using. For example, if you create a graph of members, prospects, and others by prospect source and see that none of the individuals heard about your church through TV ads, but a large percentage of them heard about your church through radio and newspaper ads, you may decide to discontinue using television ads and boost your number of radio and newspaper ads.
  • What types of special accommodations to make for your members. For example, if you create a graph of members by restrictions and see that you have visually impaired members, you may decide to print some of your newsletters and bulletins in large print or order large print hymn books for those individuals to use.
  • What data is missing in your database. For example, if you create a graph of members, prospects, and others by gender and discover that you have individuals with no gender listed, you can create a filter for individuals with blank gender and work through the list to add the gender information to the records.
  • How to organize or assign teams for outreach purposes. For example, if you create a graph of prospects by city, you can search for contact team members that live in those cities and assign them to the prospects. This same approach can be used for organizing small groups, prayer groups, and cell groups.

In the Graphs window, you can also perform a search, which you can use to determine which results display in your graph. To perform a search, click Searches .

You can even minimize the window and work in other areas of ACS, including other modules. However, if you post attendance or contributions, or update information included in the graphs you're working with, you'll need to refresh the graph to include those postings or changes. You can also include graphs when you define report views, allowing you to see only those graphs and reports that you need to run.

The following base graphs are available: