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With the appropriate rights, you can view all of the options available on this page.

To manage volunteers

  1. In Access ACS, click on Serving,
  2. Click on the serving opportunity you want to manage volunteers for.
  3. To recruit volunteers, click Recruit
  4. To edit the opportunity, click Edit Opportunity
  5. To export the information to an Excel spreadsheet, click Export Grid.

A description of the opportunity displays beneath the name along with a list of the available positions, openings left, filled positions, and total positions. To view the details about a position, click the position name. The current openings and the number of people with matches of four or more stars displays in bold beneath the list. The location of the volunteer opportunity, the close date, contact, and information about childcare display to the left of the description and position information

The Volunteers section displays members who match the criteria you set up for the volunteer opportunity. In the I want to drop-down list, you can add comments, export a list of volunteers to Excel, e-mail volunteers, text volunteers, print a directory of volunteers, or print volunteer mailing labels.

You can also change a volunteer's position by clicking  and selecting a new position. Click to accept the position change. To cancel the position change, click , and to remove the volunteer, click .

If the opportunity is linked to a specific small group, every individual added to the opportunity will be added to the specific small group. Also, volunteers who are removed from the opportunity are removed from the small group.

The Interested Volunteers section displays a list of the volunteers who are actively interested in participating in the volunteer opportunity. To accept a volunteer for the opportunity, select the check box beside the volunteer name.

You can include a custom e-mail message to the potential volunteer by entering text in the Include a custom E-mail Message field. You can also create a custom e-mail message for rejecting a volunteer from a volunteer opportunity. To accept the volunteers and send the custom e-mail message, click Accept. To decline to volunteer and send the custom rejection e-mail, click Decline.