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Each of the individual record windows display a toolbar across the top.

Toolbar Buttons


Click to add a new record.

Click to edit a record.

Click to delete a record.

Click to display the Actions menu.

Click to preview the List report before printing.

Click to print the List report. This report contains the sorted or filtered records and their customized fields.

Click to save the List report as an extract file. You can save the file as either a webpage (.htm, .html), text file (.txt), or comma delimited file (.csv).

Click to view the picture associated with a record.

Click to send an email to the individual. This option opens your email program and enters the individual's primary email address in the To field.

Click to filter by the selected field.

Click to filter by multiple selected fields.

Click to remove or clear the filter from the List window.

Click to save the current view of the List window.

Click to open a saved view of the List window.

Click to display the personal information for a selected record. Click again to return the display to normal.

Click to update or refresh the current window.

Displays the number of records in the List window.

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