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After you sign in to the app, the feed page displays. In the world of mobile apps, a feed page typically brings major categories of information under one location.

In HeadMaster Mobile, the feed page is where you can view school events, announcements, and homework assignments for your student. Your student's name displays at the top.


  The calendar icon displays next to each event. Only events on or after the current day will display. Events are “global.” This means that you will view the same school-related events as everyone else.

  The megaphone icon displays next to each announcement. Only announcements for the current day or after will display.

   The book icon displays next to each homework assignment. Homework assignments display within a three-week range (1 week before the current week, the current week, and 1 week after the current week).


If you have multiple students, each student will have a separate feed page. To view a list of students' names, tap the person icon  in the upper-right corner.

Select a student's name to view their feed page.