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The school nurse or other administrator can mass add or remove specific immunizations using the Manage feature.

 To update the immunizations for multiple students
  1. On the Home Screen, click Immunizations.
  2. Select the immunization you want to add or remove, and click Manage.
  3. If you intend to update prospective students’ immunization records, as well, select Include Prospective. The All list will update to include their names.
  4. Select students from the All list to apply the change to, and click Add (or double-click the name). To remove students from the Selected list, select them and click Remove (or double-click the name).

    Useful Information

    On your keyboard, press and hold Ctrl to select multiple students, or press and hold Shift to select blocks of students. You can also use Add All or Remove All to assign or delete an immunization for the entire list.

  5. When finished selecting students, click OK.

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