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After you set up or revise an immunization list for your school, you're ready to track the dates those immunizations are received by the students.

 To update the date an immunization is received
  1. On the Home screen, click Students or Prospective Students.
  2. Double-click on an individual’s name.
  3. Click the Immunizations tab.
  4. Select an immunization from the grid, and click Edit.

    Useful Information

    The following messages show the current status of each immunization in the grid:

    • Completed — All immunizations in the series have been given.
    • Overdue — Required immunizations are out of date.
    • Not Set Up — Required immunizations have not been assigned.
    • Missing DOB — No date of birth is entered for the selected student.
    • Current — Required immunizations are up-to-date.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Enter the date, and click OK.

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