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Once you set up a dedicated workstation computer where students, parents, and staff can check in and out of the school, you can set the options for checking individuals in and out.

 To set up Check In/Out options
  1. On the Home screen, click Options.
  2. Click Check In/Out.
  3. On the Check In/Out tab, select the options you want.
  4. Click Close.
Additional Field Descriptions

Check In/Out Grace Period
A grace period can be set up to automatically adjust double check ins or check outs. In the event of a double check in or check out, a message displays in the notes area letting the individual know that their times have been adjusted. For example, if an individual accidentally scans in more than once during the predetermined grace period, the first entry is the one that remains on the Activity report. It's recommended that the grace period be set to one minute because it's a reasonable amount of time for an individual to have made a scanning mistake and to have tried correcting it. Marking a grace period as zero isn't recommended as it doesn't allow for inevitable user mistakes.

Check In/Out Notes
You can enter notes to display for all of the individuals who check in and check out. For example, enter a note that says, "Welcome to the first day of school” or enter the lunch menu for the day. Notes entered here are viewed by all individuals when they check in or check out. Any note that's entered for the school or for an individual continues to display until it's changed or removed. You can also enter a note to display for an individual. In the individual's record, click the Notes tab. In the Check In/Out Notes section, enter any notes you want to display for the individual. For example, enter the note, "Call your Mother" for a student. When the student checks in or checks out, "Call your Mother" displays only for that student.

Check In/Out Password
If an individual attempts to close the Check In/Out window, they're required to enter a password if one has been set up. This is to protect the information behind the Check In/Out window of HeadMaster. The Check In/Out window cannot be closed without the correct password. If you forget the password, you must shut down the workstation, restart it, and reenter as a user. After three unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, HeadMaster closes.

Clear the Check In/Out window after 15 seconds
This default option gives the individual 15 seconds to read notes and then clears the window so that the next individual can log in. If cleared, the last person’s information remains visible until the next person enters his or her ID # or scans a valid bar code.

Allow Visitors to Check In/Out
When visitors check in to your system for the first time, they'll be entered into your system as Other People.

Screen Resolution
Helps you to set a proper screen resolution for mobile devices such as tablets.