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The following issues could occur when printing report cards:

 The report card displays Subject Names but you prefer Class Names or vice versa.

 On the Main tab of the report cards setup window, under Options, click the Description drop-down list and select Class Names or Subject Names.

  The report card displays a “0” for the grade, but this is not correct.

 Recalculate the grades and attendance.

 The report card prints grades for incomplete course work.

If you prefer to print a grade status, but not the grade on the report card, you must omit the grade in the gradebook and customize the columns of the report card to include the grade status. This is especially useful in the case of incomplete grades.

In the gradebook, select the grade in the calculated average column for the grading period. On the toolbar, click Omit

 The report card prints numerical grades instead of letter grades.

 On the Home screen, click Classes. Double-click the class you want to edit. Click the Subjects tab, and click Edit. Change the Grade Type to Letter Grade, and click OK. On the Home screen, click Post Grades. Select the class. On the toolbar, click Refresh.

 Skills do not print on the report card.

  In the report card setup window, click the Columns tab. Under Additional, select the Print Skill Grades check box.

 The grades are not correct on the report cards.

 Recalculate the grades. Then, preview the report cards again.

 The overall GPA is not correct on report cards.

In the report card setup window, click the Columns tab. In the Report List, double-click a grading term, and select Grade. Click Add.

 The overall GPA pulls to the report card by the Course Grade, not the last Period Grade.

Some classes print on the report card that shouldn't, while classes that should print don't.

On the Home screen, click Classes. Double-click the class you want to edit. To include the class on the report card, select the Active check box.

 Attendance and Tardies for school attendance does not print on the report card.

On the Home screen, click Options. Select Grading Periods. In the Grading Periods window, click Set Dates. Check to make sure dates are entered for each grading period.

Next, calculate grades and attendance. Finally, on the Columns tab of the report card setup window, select the Print School Absences YTD and Print School Tardies YTD check boxes.

 The school logo does not appear on the report cards.

 You may need to add the school logo to the HeadMaster data. For more information, see Add Your School Logo to Reports and Report Cards.