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You can print reports that contain important information about your school and students. A wide variety of options are available for each type of report. Additionally, administrators can set security options for individual reports, thereby limiting the information that other users can view. On the Home screen, or on the Main Menu, click Reports.

You can also copy a report and customize it to display the information that you want on it. Once you copy a report, you can make it private or public. A private report can only be viewed by the individual who made it private.

After you select a report, you have the option of using search, sort, filter and miscellaneous options to customize or limit the data that is sent to the report. Report options differ depending on the type of report you select.
If necessary, you can customize the printer and page settings for a particular document. Make the changes you want, and the default settings will return automatically once the document is closed.

 To set up and print a report
  1. Under Report List, select a report.
  2. Set the search and filter options you want.
  3. Click Print.

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