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HeadMaster works with Full Control Scheduler™ to provide you with an efficient way to export students, teachers, courses and requests to the master scheduler software. Once you complete scheduling students in classes, you can then import the schedules and classes into HeadMaster. HeadMaster creates the class and enters the class roll based on the data imported from your master scheduling program.

If you use a master scheduler, when you import your data from the master scheduler to HeadMaster, the class schedule will be created in HeadMaster.

However, if you don't use a master scheduler, you can manually schedule a class in HeadMaster.

 To schedule a class
  1. On the Home screen, click Classes.
  2. Double-click a class name.
  3. Click the Schedule tab.
  4. To select the days of the week that the class meets, select the check box for each day. If you use A and B Schedules, select the A or B Schedule check boxes. See the Tip below.
  5. To set up the period that the class meets, enter the Start Times and End Times beside the day of the week the class meets or the time of day the class meets for A or B schedules. If you have class periods set up in Options, you may select a period from the drop-down list.
  6. Click OK.


Sometimes, it's necessary to schedule a class to meet one day or week at a certain time, but at a different time on another day or week. If this is the case, when scheduling the class, in the Class Schedule list, select A Schedule or B Schedule. For example, Art 400 meets during the first period every other week, and during the fourth period in the alternating weeks. When scheduling this class, the administrator should select A Schedule for the day. Then, the administrator should add the class a second time, and then select B Schedule and enter the class time.