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You can set up report cards to print:

  • Up to eleven columns of grade period information, including numeric or letter grades, student absences, and tardies.
  • Teacher notes, school absences, school tardies, and overall GPAs.
  • For all students or students selected in saved searches or filters.
  • Administrative comments and your school logo. For more information, see Add Your School Logo to Reports and Report Cards.

To print report cards

  1. On the Home screen, click Reports, then double-click Grades to expand grade reports.
  2. Select Student Report Cards or Student Report Cards - Portrait. Select the options you want to use.


    Homeroom teachers should select Print Homeroom Students Only to view all classes on students' report cards. 

  3. Enter comments. You can use comments to print a school-wide message, such as the next scheduled PTO meeting or a holiday greeting on each student’s report card.
  4. Click the Columns tab.
  5. In the Select Grading Period drop-down list, select a grading period. Each period displays in the Selected Columns list.
  6. In the Selected Columns list, double-click to expand each period. Click the column name (Grade, Absences, Tardies, or Effort) you want to add to the report card, and click Add to move the column to the right pane. Repeat this step for each column name you want to add, up to 11 columns.
  7. Make your selections in the Additional section.
  8. Click Print.