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HeadMaster Billing is an add-on to any version of HeadMaster. It's used to manage your tuition billing. If you use ACS General Ledger, HeadMaster will interface with it so that you don't have to re-enter account information.

When you purchase and install HeadMaster Billing, the Enter/Post Transactions icon is added to your Home screen. If you don't see the icon, on the toolbar, click Help > License. Enter the new license number given to you when you purchased HeadMaster Billing. Then, exit HeadMaster and log back in.

Before you begin setting up billing in HeadMaster, you'll need to gather or note some general account information.

The following information is needed to set up Billing in HeadMaster:

  • Your school’s Federal Tax Identification number
  • Your Aging Periods (30-60-90)
  • A list of revenue centers you plan to use
  • A list of billing codes you plan to use
  • Optional, but recommended: A list of accounts, unless you plan to interface with ACS General Ledger

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