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Once you complete the school year, an administrator can promote students to the next grade level. However, you must complete several tasks prior to promoting students.

Before promoting students, complete the following year-end procedures:

  • Calculate grades and attendance.
  • Print final report cards.
  • Update permanent records.
  • Mark failed students, “Do Not Promote.”
  • Create a backup.
  • Ensure grade levels are in the correct order in HeadMaster. For more information, see Manage Grade Levels.

If a student isn't being promoted, you can indicate that the student should be held back in the same grade for the next school year.

 To mark students as “Do Not Promote”
  1. On the Home screen, click Students.
  2. Select the first student not being promoted. To open the student record, double-click the student.
  3. Click the Student tab.
  4. Select the Do Not Promote check box.
  5. To save, click OK.
  6. Repeat for each student you don't want to promote.

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