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Teachers can enter and publish announcements for their classes. Enter the announcements in HeadMaster, then upload them to HeadMaster Online (the HMOnline option in the File menu) so that parents and students can view them the next time they log in.

 To post an announcement
  1. On the Home screen, click Announcements.
  2. Click New. The Announcement dialog box displays.
  3. Enter the Title, such as “Candy Sales End Tomorrow!”
  4. Enter a Publish Date. This is the first day that you want the announcement to be available online.
  5. Enter an Expiration Date. This is the last day you want the announcement to be available online.
  6. If it is applicable, select a Class. For example, if the announcement should appear for the whole school, leave the default <None>. If the announcement should be limited to a single grade or class, select the appropriate grade or class from the list.
  7. If there is a website to refer a parent to for more announcement details, enter the full address in the Web Link field.
  8. Enter any notes you want in the Notes field.
  9. Click OK.