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You can post attendance for selected students using the Class Attendance Assistant.

 To post attendance for selected students
  1. On the Home screen, click Class Attendance.
  2. Select a date to post attendance for, and click OK.
  3. Select By Student in the View drop-down list.
  4. In the Students list, double-click any students you don't want to post attendance for. This clears the check box for the student.
  5. In the Code section, select the attendance code you want to mark first. For example, to mark all absent students, select Absent.
  6. Click to select the first student.
  7. In the Classes section, double-click the class you want to change the marking for.
  8. Optional: Select the reason that the student is absent from the Reason Code list.
  9. Optional: To give the same mark for all of the student’s classes, click Fill Down after marking the first class. For example, if a student is absent from all classes, you can mark the first class with Absent then click Fill Down to automatically mark all other classes as Absent.
  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 for each student that has Absent, Tardy, Unexcused Absent, Unexcused Tardy, or None markings.
  11. To post attendance for all of the selected students, click OK.


You can use the Filter option to set a range of students or classes for each user. This way, a user can easily mark the students or classes they are in charge of without needing to sort through everyone. Remember that once a filter is set, it remains in effect until the filter is changed manually.

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