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While posting class or school attendance, the following error message displayed:

The selected date is outside the date ranges setup for Grading Periods in Tools/Options/Grading Periods.  Please select new date or edit the date range in Tools/Options/Grading Periods to include this date.

Products Affected: HM

Versions Affected: Any


Make sure the date you're selecting is in the date range of your set dates on that grading period.

After you set up each grading period, set the calendar dates for the school year.

 To set dates for grading periods

1.On the Home screen, click Options.

2.Click Grading Periods. The Grading Periods window displays.

3.If you have more than one grading period, click the grading period tab (located at the bottom of the window) that you want to set up dates for.

4.Click Set Dates.

5.In the Set Period Dates dialog box, enter the start and end date for each period.

6.Click Close.