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While trying to post class attendance, the following error message displayed:

This class does not meet on the selected day.

Products Affected: HM

Versions Affected: Any


Edit the class, and then view the schedule table to make sure the class is scheduled to meet for that day. If it's a Monday and Wednesday class and you're trying to post attendance for Tuesday, you'll receive the error message.

To check the schedule time on a class, do the following procedure:


 To schedule a class

1. On the Home screen, click Classes.

2. Double-click a class name.

3. Click the Schedule tab.

4. To select the days of the week that the class meets, select the check box for each day. If you use A and B Schedules, select the A or B Schedule check boxes.

5. To set up the period that the class meets, enter the Start Times and End Times beside the day of the week the class meets or the time of day the class meets for A or B schedules. If you have class periods set up in Options, you may select a period from the drop-down list.

6. Click OK.