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When you set up a new class, you must attach a subject to the class. When the subject is selected, the subject’s default settings for weights, final grades, and subject details are automatically set for the class. However, you can edit these settings. Once you change these settings in the Classes window, the Class settings override the weights and final grade options set at the subject level.

Before editing subject details, determine if you want the changes to affect all classes associated with the subject or a single class. If you want to affect all classes, edit subject details and grade preferences in the Subject Edit window. For help with this, see Edit a Subject.

To edit subject details or grade preferences for a particular class or one or two classes, make changes in the Classes window on the Subjects tab.

 To edit subject details
  1. On the Home screen, click Classes.
  2. Double-click the class you want to edit.
  3. Click the Subjects tab.
  4. Edit the subject details or, to select a new subject, click Select Subject.
  5. To save, click OK.