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There are ways to make data entry more efficient and to customize the HeadMaster program so that it contains lists or data specific to your organization. In many cases, you can create or customize lists of items that display in HeadMaster. For example, you can set up various address, phone, and email types such as home, business, or alternate. You can customize lists of church affiliations, name suffixes and titles, races, and people relationships to suit various geographical or cultural differences represented in your community or school.

An overview of program options and defined lists is provided below. However, specific program options and lists are explained in further detail in other sections of this user guide. In addition, to get help with setting up options and defining lists, press the F1 key on your keyboard from any option or define list window.

  • To view or set up defined lists, on the Home screen, click Define Lists.
  • To view or customize options, on the Home screen, click Options.

Define List Overview

Use Define List to customize HeadMaster to better suit your organization's needs. Define List displays a tree-view list of available fields that are used in lists throughout HeadMaster.

Although HeadMaster contains default lists, you can customize these lists by adding, editing, or deleting items contained in them.

To view the Define Lists window, on the Home screen click Define Lists.

Entering a Value in Define Lists

Select the option you want to enter a value for. Click Add, enter the value indicated and click OK.

Options Overview

The HeadMaster Options window contains a list of items that should be set up prior to using the program. For example, Options is where you store default school information and the school logo, SMTP Settings for connecting to your email or the Internet, skill codes, department names, and more. To view the Options window, on the Home screen, click Options.

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