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There are many reasons to electronically sign in visitors, rather than using an old-fashioned sign-in sheet.

  • Parents attending school functions can be signed in electronically, giving you a record of their visit that's more secure than a sign in sheet.
  • Parents and other school visitors not currently in your system are entered into your Other People records and receive badges with their name and reason for being on school grounds upon electronic check-in.
  • When a parent signs in to pick up a child, the family information is automatically cross-checked for information pertaining to which parent may pick up that child.
  • You can display family-specific messages when a parent checks in a child.

 To check in visitors
  1. On the Home screen, click Check In/Out.
  2. Enter the information for the visitor, and click Print Name Badge. The badge prints with an ID# and bar code.


When checking out, visitors can scan the barcodes on their name badges instead of typing their information on the screen again.