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For the sake of protecting your data, we recommend that you change your password often.

Useful Information

Changing the HeadMaster Online password is available for parents and teachers. This option isn't available to administrators, staff, and students.

 To change your password
  1. In HeadMaster Online, click Preferences.
  2. Click the Change Password tab.
  3. Create your password, and click Submit.

HeadMaster Online Password Security

Creating a strong password protects the security of your data, parents, teachers, staff, and students who use HeadMaster Online.

As parents, students, teachers, and staff create a password, it should:

  • Contain two or more numbers and both lower and upper case characters
  • Be over 8 characters long
  • Not contain your username or email or include any of the following characters: < & > \/ % or space.

As an administrator, ensure that you have a valid email address on record for your parents, teachers, staff, and students. That way, they'll receive an email notification any time their password is changed.

Useful Information

If a student doesn't have a personal email address, the email address of their primary parent will be used—specifically the email address of the parent entered first into the system.

After the upload to HeadMaster Online from HeadMaster Desktop, the new passwords are no longer visible within the Web Logon List report in HeadMaster Desktop. The entries in the Password column of the report will display the statement "Password changed by User." Therefore, no user password information is displayed anywhere in the program.

As an additional security measure, if a user forgets their password and selects the "Forgot your password?" option, the system emails a hyperlink for them to click to reset their password instead of emailing it.