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Useful Information

To enter, calculate, and post grades, you must have HeadMaster Pro™ or HeadMaster ProCM™.

Lower school administrators and teachers often need to post skill grades. HeadMaster’s Skills Assistant walks administrators through setting up a skills grading scale and building a skills list. Once these options are set up, the administrator can then assign skills to classes and subjects. Finally, teachers can use the Skills Assistant or the Post Grades Assistant to post skill grades.

When report card time arrives, administrators can use the Calculate Grades and Attendance Assistant to quickly calculate and post period averages. Grades can be calculated for the entire school or by grade level.

With this assistant you can calculate grades for the entire school or by grade level. After you calculate grades, you can view the results in the Post Grades Assistant.


The Calculate Grades assistant must be run prior to:

  • Printing report cards
  • Running Update Permanent Records Assistant
  • Viewing Current Average/GPA on the student record

To calculate grades

  1. On the Home screen, click Calculate Grades. The Calculate Grades dialog box displays.
  2. Make your selections, and click Calculate.
  3. When calculations are complete, click OK.