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Families function to keep individuals grouped appropriately. Individuals that are grouped into the same family share family names, family addresses, family phone numbers, emergency and medical contacts, and pickup information. Grouping individuals by families keeps you from entering the same information over and over and creating duplicate records. It also simplifies updating shared information across family records because any changes made to shared family information, such as change of address, is updated for all related family records.

The Family List window is also a useful location to view or print a billing inquiry that details all amounts a family owes. 

For example, the Tisdales have five children: Skylar, Ben, Holt, David, and Hannah. When the parents enroll three of the five children, the HeadMaster Academy’s administrator enters the oldest student (Skylar) in the data set. The administrator, using the Add Student Assistant, enters the parent and family information in the appropriate window. When the administrator adds the next two students (Ben and Holt) she selects the family because it already exists in the data set, thus copying the shared family, emergency, medical, and pickup information. Next year, when David enrolls in 4K, the administrator can once again select the Tisdale family and the shared information will be copied to David’s student record.

Useful Information

Generally, you won't need to add new families using the family window. Adding new families or selecting existing families is accomplished when adding new students or prospective students to the data set. However, you may occasionally need to add a secondary family, as in the case of a divorce or other event.

 To update family information, see also Update Family Information within an Individual's Record.

 To add a new family
  1. On the Home screen, click Families.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the Family Name. For example, enter “Tisdale, Bob and Olive.”
  4. If individual family members exist in the data, click Select. To add a new member who doesn't already exist in the data, click New.
  5. Click the Address tab, and enter the family address information. See Add an Address to an Existing Family Record.
  6. Click the Phone tab, and add phone information. See Add a Phone Number for a Family.
  7. Click the Notes tab, and add family notes. 
  8. To save the family record, click OK.

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