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Prospective students are students whose parents have submitted an application to your school, but who may not have been admitted either because more information is needed or because there is currently no vacancy in the appropriate class. HeadMaster makes it easy to preliminarily enroll students so that you can easily access their contact or other personal information.

You can use the prospective category to collect and store as much information about the student as you need. When the student officially enrolls at your school, you can convert the prospective record to a student record. Pre-enrollment has almost all of the same fields and functions as the Student windows.


 We recommend that you use the Student Assistant when you add a new prospective student, and you're entering their information from a HeadMaster Enrollment Form.

 To add a prospective student
  1. On the Home screen, click Prospective Students.
  2. Click New.

    Useful Information

    If the Student Assistant doesn't display, on the Home screen, click Options > Settings. Select the Use Student Assistant when adding new students check box.

  3. Enter the student's information, and click Next until you finish entering the student's information.
  4. Click Finish.