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You can add multiple assignments for multiple classes.

 To add an assignment
  1. On the Home screen, click Assignments.
  2. On the toolbar, click New. The New Assignment dialog box displays.
  3. Enter the assignment information.

    Useful Information

    To add another assignment, select the Add Another Assignment check box. 

  4. Click OK.

Useful Information

 After the assignment information is saved, it is automatically entered into your gradebook and appears on the Calendar tab.

Additional Field Information

Give your assignment a unique name to identify it. For example, enter “Principles of Algebra pp 101-102.”
A brief description of the assignment. For example, enter “All even numbered problems, show work.”
Select the class and section the assignment applies to.
Date Assigned
The date of the assignment.
Date Due
The date the work is due.
Grading Period
The time frame (semester or grading period) within the school year or term in which the assignment’s grade will be calculated.
Assignment Type
A name that represents a type of assignment, such as homework, test, quiz, research paper, etc.
A number to represent how many points the assignment is worth.

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