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Users of HeadMaster Pro can post grades using the Post Grades Assistant, also called the "gradebook."


You can navigate through the gradebook with the arrow keys.

To access the Post Grades Assistant, on the Home screen, click Post Grades.

You can also access the gradebook from the Classes window. On the Home screen, click Classes. In the Class List window, select the class you want to post grades for. On the toolbar, click Grades.

Prior to posting grades, make sure the following items have been completed.

  • The administrator set up grading periods.
  • The administrator set up grading scales.
  • (Recommended) The administrator entered grading information for subjects and/or classes.
  • The teacher set up assignment types and entered assignments.

The Post Grades Assistant displays the gradebook. For each student, the gradebook displays attendance, grades for assignments, report card notes, and grade averages. If you don't have HeadMaster Pro, your Post Grades Assistant window doesn't display the “Calculated Average” column. Instead, you will see a column labeled “Average”. Additionally, the Adjusted Average only appears under the grading period for which the system is calculating the grades.