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You can select whether to display options related to the minister web app. If you want to use the app, you must make these options available in the program.

Setup Options

On the File menu, click Setup > Initial Setup. Select Minister Online Access to make the options available for setting up online login credentials and uploading data to the minister web app.


If you don't plan to use the web app, clear the option in the Initial Setup window.

You can also select whether to automatically check if any assignments were changed online by ministers. This is the same check that occurs during the upload, but this may be more convenient depending on your needs.

User Access Options

If you have a security method set up (you have a login window when opening the program), you must also give users access rights to these options.

On the Access and Privileges window, under the Ministers > Minister Online Access program area, select All Access for users who can edit minister login credentials. Then, under the Data Synchronization > Upload Ministers and Schedule Assignments, select All Access for users who can upload minister data to the web app.

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