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You can always view events and calendars by printing them out, but there are several other convenient ways to see these within the program.

Useful Information

By default, all calendar weeks begin on Sunday. However, you can select a different starting day on the Initial Setup window.

Complete List of Scheduled Events

In the Calendars navigation pane, click List of Scheduled Events. A grid displays each event's name, start and end dates, day of the week, start and end times, organization, and facility. If a conflict exists, it displays in fuchsia. If an event falls on a date before the current date, it displays in blue. To reorganize the order of the columns, click and drag column headings. You can double-click an event to open it.

Daily or Weekly Schedule for an Event

In the Calendars navigation pane, click Daily Schedule or Weekly Schedule. Use the options on the right side of the window to locate an event. When you click one, the event details display to the right. Click Load Event to modify the details.

Monthly or Yearly Calendar of Events

In the Calendars navigation pane, click Monthly Calendar or Yearly Calendar. Use the buttons at the bottom of the window to locate an event. Use the left and right arrows to locate a particular month and year or just the year. You can double-click a day to view its details. Select Show Detail to view more details about the day's events. Click Show List to view a list of the day's events. You can select an event and click Load Event to modify the details.

Holidays and Special Days

From any window in the program, you can click the calendar icon on the Quick Access toolbar. This displays all holidays and special days, but does not show any events.

Year at a Glance

In several Calendars windows, you can click the Year at a Glance button to display the Yearly Calendar of Events. From there, you can double-click a date to view a list of that day's events and each event's details. Select an event and click Load Event to modify the details.

Using the Quick Filter

With the Quick Filter, you can view only events that match the criteria you specify. In any Calendars window, click Quick Filter. Under Event Information, enter any information you have. The more fields you use, the more precise the filter is. Use the selections in the middle of the window to determine which event calendars to include. Select how to handle events connected to a group facility, and click Apply/OK. Once you apply a filter, the list remains filtered until you click **Filter Chosen** > Clear Filter, then click Apply/OK.

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