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When this program is initially installed, anyone can view or change data. While requiring a user name and password to open the program is an optional feature, we recommend that you set up users with passwords to protect your data and avoid unauthorized changes.

Several key advantages of requiring user names include:

  • Restricting who can enter your program.
  • Logging the user's name with the processes they performed.
  • Each user can define preferences for entering names in the program.
  • The administrator can see who's currently using the program. Click the users icon on the toolbar.

Requiring passwords with user names:

  • Further restricts who can access your program data. A user name does not provide enough security to prevent someone from entering the program.
  • You can set which users can get to specific processes in program areas.

Additionally, your PDS program automatically maintains a log of user activity whether or not user names or passwords are required to enter the program.

For more information, see "View Log of User Activity" on View User Activity.

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