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In the Special Days & Holidays window, you can add noteworthy days to your calendars. On the Administration tab, click Special Days & Holidays.

 To add a special day or holiday
  1. At the top, click Add Date.
  2. Enter the name of the special day or holiday.
  3. Enter the date or date range of the special day or holiday. To select dates quickly, click the calendar icon on the Quick Access toolbar.
  4. Select how you want to calculate the event for next year.
  5. On the Calendars/Picture tab, select which event calendars you want the special day or holiday to display on. To select or clear all calendars quickly, click Mark All or Clear All.
  6. Select how you want the special day or holiday to print on calendars.
  7. Click the folder icon to locate the image that you want to associate with the special day or holiday. To use the predefined image for this special day or holiday, click Use Default.
  8. On the Color tab, select any defaults you like. For more information, see Display Colored Background or Text on Calendars.
  9. Click Save.

    Useful Information

    Once you save, the list is reordered by date.


You can set up a future year's calendar automatically rather than entering each holiday manually.

 To automatically set up special days or holidays for a new year
  1. In the navigation pane, click Auto Setup for a New Year.
  2. Enter the dates of the new calendars you want to create, for example 01/2016 thru 12/2016.
  3. If you want to use the dates already set up for the previous year in the Special Days & Holidays window, select Repeat dates already in the list.
  4. If you want to select from predefined lists, select the Select predefined dates and select the check box beside each list you want to add.

    Useful Information

    To see a list, click View Dates. To select which event calendars should use the list, click Show on which Calendars.

  5. Click Add/OK.


To remove specific dates, click Delete Date at the top. To remove all dates within a range, click Remove from Prior Year in the navigation pane.

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