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Easy Lists can answer questions such as "Who has a birthday this month?" or "Which individuals attended Baptism Preparation last Wednesday?" You can customize the fields you want to view in the list, place them in the order you want, and print the lists.

To view Easy Lists, on the Information tab, click Students.


 To view an Easy List
  1. In the navigation pane, click Easy Lists.
  2. Select the Easy List you want to view.
  3. To filter your Easy List based on certain criteria, make those selections.
  4. Click Apply/OK.
 To customize the view in your Easy List
  1. Click Customize View.
  2. To add a column to your Easy List, select the field name from the left-side list, and click the right arrow button.
  3. To reorder columns, select the field name from the right-side list, and click the up or down arrow buttons.
  4. To return columns to the default view, click Default Values.
  5. Click Save/OK.

Useful Information

PDS saves and recalls your customized settings the next time you run this Easy List.

Creating an Easy Letter, Label, or Envelope

You can create a letter, label, and/or envelope to send to everyone on your Easy List. For example, you can send a birthday letter for a particular month or a thank you letter to everyone who served in a particular ministry. While viewing your Easy List, click Easy Letter.

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