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Some families donate time by volunteering, but this isn't the same as a non-cash contribution because time isn't a tangible object.

For those funds where families donate time, you can create a group called "Volunteer Hours". Like a pledge or fee group, it has a charge, payment, and balance, but it also has specialized activity types, including Hours Pledged, Hours Completed, and Hours Remaining.

You can track volunteer hours by navigating to Information > Tuition & Fees.


 To track volunteer hours

Useful Information

You must set up the following activities for the fund/group: Hours Pledged, Hours Completed, and Hours Remaining.

  1. Locate the appropriate family.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Rates/History/Keywds.
  3. In the Recurring Act field, select Hours Pledged.
  4. In the Terms field, select a term. Then, either enter a rate (the number of hours the family volunteers per term) or enter a total (the total number of hours the family volunteers).

    Useful Information

    Even though a dollar sign automatically displays when you enter a rate or total, you can treat these fields as units of time.

  5. When hours are completed each term, post an entry with the Completed Hours activity.
  6. The Recap/Totals window displays the Hours Remaining. Under Totals Through Today, the paid amount is zero, indicating that these are hours, not dollars.

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