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You can add or edit student records by navigating to Information > Students. As new students enroll, use the following procedures to create a record.


 To add a student
  1. At the top, click Add Student.
  2. Select whether to create a new family for the student or add the student to an existing family.
  3. Enter the new student's information.
  4. If the student is also personnel, select the appropriate check box(es). This creates and links the personnel record with this student.
  5. Click Save.
 To insert a student's picture
  1. In the navigation pane, click Personal.
  2. Locate the appropriate student record.
  3. In the Picture File field, click the browse icon  and locate the student's digital image file.

    Useful Information

    You must use one of the following file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .emf, .wmf, or .ico.

  4. Select the file, and click Open.
  5. Click Save.

Useful Information

Student pictures can be installed as a subdirectory of your Data folder. The default path to this subdirectory is \PDSOffice\Data\Pictures. If you save pictures to this directory, they are backed up each time the program makes an automatic backup.

Because picture files are large, they take up more space on your hard drive and make the backup files larger than ordinary text files. If backing up large files is a concern, consider creating a subdirectory outside the PDS program folder in which to store your picture files. They are no longer backed up automatically since they are not in the pictures subdirectory. In this case, you can back them up manually.

 To insert a remark
  1. In the navigation pane, click Personal.
  2. Locate the appropriate student.
  3. Under Remarks, select General, Confidential, or Special Circumstances.
  4. In the Remarks text box, enter notes or comments.
  5. To check spelling, right-click in the text box, and click Spell Check.
  6. Click Save.
 To associate a keyword with a student
  1. In the navigation pane, click Personal.
  2. Locate the appropriate student.
  3. In the Keywords grid, click the add icon .
    • To select a keyword from the current list, click the drop-down arrow.
    • To add a new entry, enter a description, press Tab, and click Add to the List.
  4. Click Save.


You can customize the tabs that display in the Detail window. On the File menu, click Setup Initial Setup, click the Student Options tab, and enter up to 4 student fields you want to display.


Additional Field Information

Add Documents
Upload additional documents to support the information you've already entered. For more information, see Add and View Documents.

Also Visible In
If you share data with other PDS Office programs, changing this record affects the matching record in the program indicated.

Go To ...
Select the appropriate check box(es) if this student is personnel. This creates a personnel record and "links" it to this student. Click Go To to open the linked personnel record.

Keyword Fields
On the student's Personal window, the following are optional fields:

  • Relationship — Enter the relationship of this individual to the family.
  • Grade/Degree — Enter the member's highest grade or degree attained.
  • Marital Status
  • Language — Enter the member's native language.
  • Ethnicity

An additional field displays for each user keyword you define. For more information on user-defined keywords, see Keyword Descriptions.

Useful Information

To add new keywords to the lists, click the drop-down next to the field, and click Manage. You can also access and manage these keyword lists from the relevant keywords section on the File menu.

Enter the student's place of work or school, or enter any other location you want to track.

You can add remarks on the student's Personal window. An asterisk displays beside each category (General, Confidential, or Special Circumstances) that contains remarks. Icons for each remark category display beside the student name. For more information on these icons, see Program Icons.

Useful Information

  • You can protect remarks with a password so that only those authorized can view or edit them. On the Administration tab, click Users & Passwords. Under Program Area, locate Students > Confidential Stu Remarks. Select the security option you want.
  • Special Circumstances indicate medical conditions.

You can associate miscellaneous information with the student in the Keywords section on the Personal window. This list uses entries from the Student Keywords list. For more information, see Manage and Print Keywords.

Screen Changed
Provides the date that information in the current window was last changed.

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