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Before you can load church data (whether it's from PDS or Realm Financials), church accounts must be mapped to your diocesan accounts. Church account codes that match diocesan account codes are mapped by the program automatically. All other accounts must be mapped manually. Read the following before you begin to map accounts.

To Do List

Before you map accounts:

(tick) Enter your master list of accounts.
(tick) Enter all churches and institutions on the Church/Inst. Detail tab.
(tick) Enter a password on the Church/Inst Detail tab for each church.
(tick) Set up your web service information on the Data Transfer tab.
(tick) Upload the diocesan setup data to the DioView server.
(tick) When the church or institution uploads its data, download it from the server.

Useful Information

PDS churches or institutions can also map their own accounts to diocesan accounts. They must have PDS Ledger or Ledger/Payroll version 5.1 or higher.

When you are ready to map accounts, start by selecting default settings for the transfer of account data from the church/institution to the diocese.

 To set mapping process defaults
  1. In the Churches and Institutions window, click the Church/Inst. Detail tab.
  2. To select a church or institution, click Quick Lookup.
  3. Select a church or institution from the Church Name or Church ID drop-down list and click Lookup/OK.
  4. Click Data Transfer Details.
  5. On the Mapping Process Defaults tab, select the defaults for this church or institutions.

  6. To import alternate account numbers from churches that have included them, click Load Alt. Accounts.

    Useful Information

    Once you transfer data, alternate account numbers will display in the Comments of the Complete COA Detail tab for each church.

  7. Click Save/OK.

After you set the defaults, you can map church/institution accounts that aren't already mapped to master diocesan accounts.

 To map church or institution accounts to diocesan accounts
  1. In the Data Transfer Details window, click the Account Mapping tab.
  2. Under Church to Diocese Account Mapping, select the accounts you want to view. Accounts that have mapping errors display in red.
  3. In the grid, select an account. The account's information displays under Church Account. If a problem exists, it displays in the Problem field.
  4. Under Mapped to Master Account, select the diocesan master account to map the church/institution account to.
  5. Repeat this for each account you want to map. If you want to reset all account mapping and start anew, click Reset Mapping. We recommend you make a backup before resetting account mapping.
  6. Click Save/OK.

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