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The chart of accounts (COA) is the backbone of your accounting system. It includes assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses. You can get to the Complete COA from the main menu or the File menu.

The Complete COA Detail tab displays information about each account. You can add new accounts in this tab. Go to Complete COA, and click the Complete COA Detail tab. For information about the subtabs in this window, see Complete COA Detail Subtabs.

If a church or institution does not have PDS Ledger or PDS Ledger/Payroll, you can manually add the accounts into your database. All accounts must be in the Master List of Accounts before you can assign them to a church or institution.

 To assign an account to a church or institution
  1. In the Complete COA Detail window, click Add Account.
  2. Select the church ID or name from the corresponding drop-down list.
  3. Select the account number or name from the corresponding drop-down list.
  4. Click Add/OK.


Additional Field Information

Church ID/Name
The identification number and name of the church.

Account Number
The identification number for the account you're viewing. You can view the same account for different churches by using the Quick Lookup tool. For more about account numbers, see Formatting Account Numbers.

Account Name
Identifies the account for transactions and reports. You can use one name for multiple accounts.

Remove the account listing from reports and new transactions. Existing transactions remain active.

Date Changed
The date that you last edited the account information.

The View Listing tab displays a list of account information. You can customize the columns that display. Go to Complete COA, and click the View Listing tab. By default, this tab displays the account number, account name, category, report type, account type, and normal balance.

The information in this window is for viewing purposes only.

Additional Field Information

Active Only
Displays accounts marked as active in the COA.

Inactive Only
Displays accounts marked as inactive in the COA. Inactive accounts display in red.

Both Active and Inactive
Displays all accounts. Inactive accounts display in red.

Order by
Lists accounts in the selected order. To select another sort order, click this button.

Customize View
Customize the grid properties and the fields that display.

Print List
Prints all active items in the list.

View a full-screen display of the listing grid. To return to normal size, click Zoom again.

The COA Reports tab displays a list of reports available to print for the COA. Go to Complete COA, and click the COA Reports tab.

To display the list of reports, click the arrow beside the report heading. You can see all reports on the main menu.

Additional Field Information

Adds a report to the easy report list for the selected heading. Select the type of report that you want to create.

Removes a report that you added or copied. You can't remove predefined reports.

Copies the selected report so that you can modify the original report without overwriting it.

Reorder User Reports
Customize the order of the reports you added or copied.

Adv. Script
Edit the programming for reports that you added or copied. This is an advanced process.

Save as Custom Report
Saves the report you added or copied.

View Sample
Displays a one-page sample of the selected report using sample data.