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The Churches and Institutions window has information about every church and institution you receive data from. This includes financial data as well as church contact information, significant church events, and church statistics that you can monitor.

The Church/Inst Detail tab displays basic information about each church or institution in your database. It's organized into several tabs. You can add or delete churches and edit the records.

For information about the subtabs in this window, see Church/Inst Detail Subtabs.

 To add a church or institution
  1. In the Churches and Institutions window, click the Church/Inst. Detail tab.
  2. Click Add Church/Inst.
  3. Enter the name of the church.
  4. Enter a unique identification number or name for the church.
  5. Select Inactive if you want to remove the church listing from reports.
  6. In the subtabs, enter optional information about the church.
  7. When you finish, click Save.


Additional Field Information

Order by
Sorts accounts in the selected order. Click to select another sort order.

Quick Lookup
Search your records for a specific church by name or ID. The sort order of the list changes based on the selection you make in Quick Lookup.

Data Transfer Details
Set up the information to transfer from the selected church to DioView. Church accounts must be mapped to the diocesan accounts in order to transfer data.

Ledger Detail
Opens the PDS Ledger program and view current Ledger details. Before using this feature, enter the Ledger data path on the Password tab in the Church/Inst Detail Subtabs.

The View Listing tab displays a list of groups. This information is for viewing purposes only.

Additional Field Information

Order by
Lists accounts in the selected order. To select another sort order, click this button. To navigate through the list, use the navigation arrow buttons.

Customize View
Customize the grid properties and fields that display.

Quick Lookup
Select a church by name or ID. The sort order of the list changes based on the selection you make in Quick Lookup.

Print List
Prints all active items in the list.

View a full-screen display of the listing grid. To return to normal size, click Zoom again.

The Data Transfer tab includes processes for transferring data from churches to DioView. You must set up your web service information on this tab before you can transfer data.

To Do List

When you first set up data transfer information, make sure you do the following in this order:

(tick) Enter your master list of accounts.
(tick) Enter all churches and institutions on the Church/Inst. Detail tab.
(tick) Enter a password on the Church/Inst Detail tab for each church.
(tick) Set up your web service information on the Data Transfer tab.
(tick) Upload the diocesan setup data to the DioView server.
(tick) When the church or institution uploads its data, download it from the server.


Additional Field Information

Load in the Church Data
Download the latest data from churches and institutions. This process retrieves data only from churches and institutions that use PDS Ledger, PDS Ledger/Payroll, or Intuit® QuickBooks® to upload data.

Set up the Web Service Information
Enter your web service information or test your web service connection. You must set up this information before you can load church data. Once the information has been entered, you don't have to enter it again unless there's a change to the server information.

Update the Diocesan Setup Data
Transfer information to the DioView server. This includes church IDs and passwords, the master list of accounts, and the settings selected on the Mapping Process Defaults tab in the Data Transfer Details window. You must run this process before you can upload data from churches and institutions.

The Reports tab displays a list of church reports available to print. To view the available reports, click the arrow beside the report heading. You can access all reports on the main menu.

Additional Field Information

Add a report to the easy report list for the selected heading.

Remove the selected report that you added or copied. You can't remove predefined reports.

Copy the selected report so that you can modify the original report without overwriting it.

Reorder User Reports
Customize the order of reports that you added or copied.

Adv. Script
Edit the programming for reports that you added or copied. This is an advanced process.

Save as Custom Report
Save the report you added or copied.

View Sample
Display a one-page sample of the selected report using your data.